CSA Pickup and Delivery Information

Starting in June, you will receive a weekly email on Thursday with the items we have available for the following week. You can choose up to six items.  “Items” will be described in more detail in your order form (for example, a bag of carrots will be weighed and considered one item).  Please remember to choose a bouquet of flowers twice during the season starting the week of July 12.  If you signed up for weekly bouquets, you’ll receive one every week (starting the week of July 12) without having to mark this as one of your items. 

Orders should be submitted by Sunday. If your order is submitted later than Sunday or not received at all, we’ll choose six items for your basket. If you aren’t able to pick up/receive your basket that week, I can donate it to another person of your choice or to the North Kingstown Food Pantry.  You can also carry over one previous week’s order to the following week (for example, skip a week and receive twelve items the following week).  

Pickup: Please drive up the driveway (57 Little Bit Lane, North Kingstown).  There will be a building on your right as you drive up the driveway (it is painted teal colored).  This is where you will pick up your weekly orders every Tuesday. Your order will be in a paper bag in a cooler and labeled with your name.  Flower pickups will likely be in a separate cooler and also labeled with your name.  I’d recommend bringing an 10-12” tall vase with you filled with some water (or you can add water once you arrive at the farm) so your flowers will stay hydrated.  Pickup times are from 8-10am or 4-6pm.  

Delivery: Deliveries will start early in the morning on Tuesdays and will be delivered to you in a reusable basket. Please leave each week’s basket on your front steps and we’ll pick it up and replace it with your new basket. There is a space on the form for specific delivery instructions (for example, if you want things left by a back door, etc.).

Flower Delivery: Flower bouquets will be wrapped in brown paper and stored in water during transit.  Please leave a roughly 10-12″ tall vase outside of your door filled with a couple inches of water and we’ll place your bouquet into it when we deliver. If you can’t provide a vase we will have extra vases in the truck, but we’ll need them returned the following week. If you’d like to keep your vase, it’s a charge of $10.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out anytime to littlebitfarmri@gmail.com