Purchase the “Spring Peony Bunch” share of flowers!   This package is available for yourself OR as a gift for someone special.  To give as a gift, simply check the “This is a Gift” box and add a message if you plan to have it delivered.  Be sure to enter the recipient’s information during check out.

New to the farm this 2024 season, this package includes 2 weeks of 10 peony stems wrapped in brown paper delivered to you weekly on Tuesday morning or pick up free of charge at the farm on Tuesdays.  As farmers we are subject to weather conditions and other variable factors, but the estimated start date in 2024 will be Tuesday, May 28 and run for 2 weeks through Tuesday, June 4.  If the date is earlier or later, we will notify you by email.

A large flower bouquet of this size retails individually for $40 or more and is an incredible value!

Please see our CSA FAQs page for more information about CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) and how vital it is to small farms like Little Bit!